VOH Summer Youth Program 2020

The VOH Summer Youth Program has restructured our curriculum to meet the needs of your children.  Understanding the need for more options and flexibility, we are piloting a brand-new program to provide short-term, accessible, relaxed, and exciting options for our kids while teaching them the kinds of theatrical skills they actually want to know.

We will be offering a series of independent workshops, each focusing on a specific theatrical skill or experience, allowing students to select only those that interest them (e.g. monologues, scene work, choosing audition vocals, stage movement: all skills every performer needs to know). Using music and materials from relevant and popular productions relevant and recent productions including Hadestown, Mean Girls, and similar popular titles, we have designed an exciting and purposeful experience for all of our students.

Within our richly detailed workshops, learn those critical skills that nobody talks about, like “What do I do with my arms onstage?” and “How can I prepare for a cold reading when I don’t know what scene it will be?” or “What is really the best audition song for me?”

How it will work: 

  • All workshops are provided securely online via Zoom
  • Workshops are for performers ages 10-17
  • One “Bite-Size” workshop for performers ages 7-9 on Wednesday July 29th.
  • 5 Independent Workshops with a different topic and focus each week: (see more detail on each workshop via each link below)
  • Each workshop will be offered in 2 sessions; Tuesday & Thursday (3:00 – 4:30 pm)
    • Session 1 (Tuesday) will introduce and explore a specific skill through interactive theatre games and coaching from our teachers
    • Session 2 (Thursday) will provide students the opportunity to put their new skills into action, practicing with and for each other (and maybe a special guest or two😊) to share personalized feedback.
  • Sign up for one or as many weeks as you would like! Focus on skills YOU really need or want!

Why choose our teachers:

Our artistic staff members are all professional teachers and coaches who perform regularly with Voices of Hope, and generously donate their time and talents to our summer program. They appreciate the personal and philanthropic value of the arts and are completely dedicated to helping our students create their best selves onstage and off!

  • Certified & active teachers in MA schools
  • Directors and coaches in drama, music, and/or dance
  • 20+ years of combined experience both in the classroom and onstage
  • Experienced & committed to creating opportunities for diverse populations and experience levels

What you need to know:

  • Tuesday/Thursday workshops 3:00-4:30 pm
  • July 14-August 13
  • $20 per week* (the kids “bite-size” workshop is offered free but do sign up so we can plan accordingly)

*VOH recognizes that our students and families are experiencing unimaginable challenges in extreme circumstances. In the spirit of believing that the arts truly can heal, we are offering this pilot program at a low introductory rate.  As always, if the fee creates any concern for you, please feel free to speak to anyone on our leadership team.

For our Itty Bitty’s!


A special theater workshop created just for our 7-9 year old rising stars!

Do you have a Rising Star aged 7-9? Sign up for our FREE 45 minute workshop with Jon DiPrima & Belinda Hays on Wednesday 7/29 at 3pm!

A special 30-minute workshop will feature theatre games designed to get the giggles out while introducing and reinforcing basic theatre skills: making strong choices, developing emotions into physicalities, and the power of teamwork. Created just for performers ages 7-9, this not-to-miss workshop is going to be a lot of fun!]

Sign up HERE!

We look forward to working with you and your families!

VOH Artistic Team

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